THAT SECOND

Every summer for three years Tona had some type of major surgery.  This summer was know different.  After getting hit by a car that left her on the street like an animal.  She wasn’t healing.  She suffered everyday.  This time around as Tona wallowed in her depression not understanding why this had happened to her.  She decided to write. It was very difficult. Her brain was still injured. She was barely able to spell three letter words.   In two months the novel base on her life was birth. She never saw it coming  not in a million years. Tona is a witness that if you want to do something bad enough you can make it happen.

Tona is grateful to each of you purchasing this book.  She is breaking the silence against sexual abuse.  She will work until she takes her last breath for #NOMORES…

Read how she turned her Pain into her Passion and her Passion into her Purpose.