R.O.S.A Rising Over Sexual Abuse

Founder of R.O.S.A

From the age of three years old, R.O.S.A’s founder, Tona Buck, knows firsthand as a sexual assault survivor that breaking the silence is the first step from victim to becoming the victor. When she finally had the courage to tell her mother about the abuse, her mother’s response was “I wish you would have told me.” Her response to her mother was “I didn’t know what to tell.” Tragically, not knowing how or what to tell is one of the main reasons child victims don’t report their abuse.  96% of victimized children are assaulted by someone they know or trust. Even into adulthood they keep their abuse a secret.

R.O.S.A. the vision of the organization is to empower children, give a voice to the voiceless, and educate adults about this horrible issue.

R.O.S.A. supports ME TOO but says NOMORE. Together we can bring light to an issue that is destroying many.


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